Figure Drawing Intensive – Young Adults (15+yrs)


In this engaging workshop tailored for teenagers aged 15 and over, your child will immerse themselves in the art of life drawing inspired by classical Greek and Roman aesthetics, Impressionism, and Expressionism. Through studying these distinct art periods, your teenager will explore the evolution of artistic styles and techniques across history. From the idealized proportions of classical sculpture to the vibrant brushstrokes of Impressionist masterpieces and the emotive expressions of Expressionist works, your child will gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity of artistic expression. Students will refine their observational skills and learn to capture the human form with both precision and emotion.


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Tues 2nd, Wed 3rd & Thurs 4th July 2024
10:00am – 3:00pm daily

This intensive workshop is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their portfolio for future creative pursuits or those with a passion for figure drawing. Over the course of three days, students will have the opportunity to work with life models to refine their abilities in observing and interpreting the proportions of the human body, while also experimenting with various drawing techniques.

Each day will offer a deep dive into a different historical art movement, with technical instruction complemented by in-depth discussions on how these movements influenced the representation of the human body and portraiture.

  • Day 1 (Classical Greek and Roman Sculpture): Through drawing from nude life models and plaster casts, students will master measuring techniques to accurately capture the proportions of the human form.
  • Day 2 (Pierre Bonnard and Post-Impressionism): Exploring color theory and composition design, students will work from clothed life models and interior setups to examine the relationship between the figure and its surroundings.
  • Day 3 (German Expressionism): Focusing on conveying emotions through drawing, students will create expressive portraits inspired by the techniques of German Expressionism, drawing from life models to infuse their work with depth and feeling.

This workshop is led by our lead teen tutor, Elsie Preston, whose expertise and guidance will enrich the student experience throughout the workshop. With her skills and competence, Elsie will mentor and support students as they explore the fascinating world of figure drawing and historical art movements.