Open Studio – Art as Therapy | Term 1


Use creative expression as a way to release your experiences while developing your natural visual language into a series of articulate artworks that are personal, authentic and expressive.

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The Open Studio - Art as Therapy is a dedicated program for people who want to explore the therapeutic benefits of art making.

Dedicating time on a weekly basis to enter a reflective space to delve into the process of art making with semi-directive supervision with an Art Psychotherapist encourages students to build skills in navigating symbolic content and using art as a way to process their experiences.

This class encourages students to ask why they are drawn to making art and to explore in what ways making art truly benefits them. Through abstract and figurative art we find ways to tell a narrative visually and to express what may not be easy to articulate verbally.

Students will engage in a group therapy environment at the start of each session where ideas, breakthroughs and challenges are shared. Student levels of engagement in this part of the course will vary and you are strongly encouraged to show up to the studio as you are - some weeks you may not want to share and rather sit back and listen, other weeks you may want to share an interesting dream or bring a problem you’re facing to the group - in each instance you will benefit from the discussion, support and group wisdom of like minded individuals who are committed to finding meaning in their artwork.

Classes are supervised by Natalija Stefanović, who takes time throughout the 8 week course to work individually with each student and who can offer one-on-one sessions outside of the group class. She guides students through the process of finding meaning in their art and creates a space where delving into the psychological aspects of art is welcome and can be worked on.

There is no fast rule in this class around style and approach. Students may work using figurative or representational imagery, abstraction, collage, mixed media or a mixture of all. This class is not structured or technique driven, with the focus being primarily on the process of making art rather than on the final finished product.

All levels of art making experience from beginners to advanced are welcome and this class is particularly useful for people who feel stuck in their creative processes.

This program is supervised by Natalija Stefanovic with contributions and tutoring from other teachers and staff throughout the course of the program. Please click on the following link to read about our one on one development program sessions. Students who enroll into this course will be offered a complementary session of the following development program:

Art Therapy with Natalija Stefanovic

Before confirming your booking, please read our terms and conditions thoroughly as we are unable to offer refunds, credits, transfers or make up classes.

Thursdays (8 week course)
10:00am – 3:00pm  | 1st February – 21st March 2024

Tutor:  Natalija Stefanovic
Skill Level:  Beginner to Advanced

Course Materials

Paper is required for the commencement of this course.

Materials not included in the cost of this course however are available for purchase at the studio. View suggested materials list below.

Comprehensive kits are discounted by 25% of regular retail prices and enrolled students receive a 10% discount on individual items. All items are available for collection from our studio prior to course commencement.

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