Sculpture & Multimedia for 10years+ | Term 1


Let your young teen dive into the magical world of 3 dimensional art using a variety of materials under the expert guidance of tutor Ilona Herreiner.

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This specialised course is for students who are passionate about sculpture and want to explore the medium further with our new teacher Ilona Herreiner.

Ilona is a sculptor, creativity coach and art therapist with a vision to support students in creating their own unique work. Ilona has been a creative professional for almost three decades and after many years of focusing on art, international exhibitions, art fairs, and everything that’s involved with being a professional artist.

In this class students will explore the possibilities of creating three dimensional form in clay, wood and other materials, using various techniques. This course enables students to become their own creators, providing the students with the opportunity to use their imagination to develop their own hybrid creatures.

Students will learn to develop an eye for detail and enjoy the tactile qualities of clay and other materials. With the help of simple tools, they will learn how to structure their conceptual ideas from inspiration and bring them to reality using various techniques.

During this course students will learn:

  • Basic clay modelling and /or wood carving techniques specific for sculpture
  • An understanding of tools and materials suitable for sculpting with clay and or/ working with wood
  • How to judge and transfer proportions from 2D to 3D
  • How to progress from simple shapes to more complex live forms
  • To develop their own ideas for the sculpture

This course is a great opportunity to discover, or return to, making three dimensional work in clay and develop an individual approach.



  • Various materials are included in the price of this course.
  • We invite students to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of class.
  • Materials may stain or ruin clothing and we do not take responsibility for damage to clothing.
  • We invite students to attend all classes as there is no direct make up class option for this course.
  • Please click here for other terms and conditions before enrolling your child in our classes.

Please note that term length may vary according to government school timetables between 8 & 9 weeks.

Melbourne Studio of Art is committed to teaching students not only technique and expression, but also the importance of finishing that which is started. A large part of our educational system focuses on commitment, completion and the rewards that effort and discipline offer; we believe it is healthy for children to learn these lessons in these times of instant gratification and overly appreciated outcomes.

5:00pm – 7:00pm  | 31st January – 20th March 2024

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