It all started with one private student.

In the late 1990’s Dena Lester was working as a Fine Arts Tutor at RMIT. Approached by a friend to mentor her son, she caught on to the psychological value of art education as a way for certain kinds of people to process deep personal issues in a visual way. Over time however, it became clearly apparent that one requires the foundation of strong art tools such as observational drawing and painting to express themselves effectively.

The journey has resulted in a dynamic educational center that both teaches traditional art techniques as well as guiding individuals towards a language of expression that is articulate and authentic.

The Melbourne Studio of Art started out in 1998 as Art Encounters and over the past 25+ years has evolved into as a highly respected venue for self development and genuine art learning for budding artists of all ages.

Through the collective challenges that we are facing in today’s world, we continue to evolve and change to meet the needs of healthy visual expression adding new programs and building on old ones to fit today’s climate.