As children aged 8-12 transition from childhood to adolescence, they begin to explore and develop their sense of self amidst a changing world. At our art school in Melbourne, we provide a nurturing environment where young students can express themselves while honing their artistic skills. Our classes serve as a sanctuary from the challenges of today’s world, offering a creative outlet that encourages mindfulness and serves as a valuable alternative to screen time.

Through our structured curriculum, students engage in a variety of art processes inspired by artists, art movements, and techniques. As their technical abilities grow, so does their ability to vividly capture the world around them through art. In addition to artistic skills, we also teach students how to discuss their own work and provide constructive feedback to their peers, fostering a critical eye and enhancing their ability to articulate their perspectives.

Our experienced instructors guide students on a journey of artistic exploration, helping them develop a deeper understanding of art, artists, and art history. Many of our young artists surprise their parents with their knowledge and passion for the arts.

If you are interested in learning more about our children’s art classes in Melbourne, please contact our office at (03) 9528 3392 or email us at