Between the ages of 8-12 young people commence the transition from child to teenager. Their sense of self develops as they navigate their growing awareness of the world around them. In today’s climate, and for some children, that can be overwhelming.

It is in this spirit that we strive to offer students a safe space in which to express themselves while challenging their skill set.  We view the act of focusing on technical processes in the creation of art as both a form of meditation and an alternative to screen activity.  As technical abilities increase, the student’s capacity to draw the world around them becomes more articulate.

Students follow a set curriculum each term which includes a variety of art processes which are linked to artists, art movements and art techniques.  In these groups we also teach our young artists how to talk about their own work and the work of fellow students which helps them articulate their viewpoints with a healthy critical eye.  We have found over the years that many of our students know more about art, artists, art history and how to view it than their parents..

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