Folio Development for Advanced Teens 15+


This advanced course, tailored for teenagers aged 15 and above, focuses on equipping them with fine arts skills to build a comprehensive portfolio for tertiary course admissions.

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Join our advanced teenage folio-building class, tailored for students aged 15 and over, and led by emerging Melbourne multi disciplinary artist Elsie Preston. This specialized program is designed to help teenagers develop a strong portfolio to showcase their artistic talents and skills effectively.

Throughout the term, students will participate in a blend of engaging projects focused on drawing and painting. These projects are meticulously crafted to assist students in constructing cohesive bodies of work that evolve over time, fostering growth and continuity in their artistic journey.


  • We invite students to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of class.
  • Materials may stain or ruin clothing and we do not take responsibility for damage to clothing.
  • Students are offered one make up class per term which must be pre booked to match the missed class. Please contact us to arrange your make-up class.
  • Please review terms and conditions before enrolling.
  • Term length may vary according to government school timetables between 8 & 9 weeks.

At Melbourne Studio of Art, we prioritize imparting not just technique and expression to our students, but also instilling the value of seeing projects through to completion. In an educational landscape often characterized by instant gratification and overemphasized outcomes, we place a significant emphasis on teaching the principles of commitment, perseverance, and the rewards that come from disciplined effort. We believe it is important for children to learn these valuable lessons in today's fast-paced world.

1:30pm – 3:30pm  | 20th July – 14th September 2024

Course Materials

Students will be required to bring basic drawing materials to this class (pencils, rubber, sharpener, ruler).

Various materials including paper, easels and drawing boards are included in the price of this course.

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