We strongly believe that a deep understanding of art history and a thorough examination of the techniques and approaches of the great artists of the past is of advantage to students.

Those who are serious about developing solid observational drawing and painting skills across the many fields of art, who hope to pursue art in the future will find these classes beneficial.

We invite students into these classes who have a genuine interest in developing these disciplined skills and believe that by developing competency over time it contributes greatly to a sense of confidence and self worth.

These classes are designed for students aged 12-16 but are open to older students who wish to learn basics.

If you would like to discuss these classes, please contact our office on (03) 9528 3392 or email us at


  • The cost of this program includes all materials.
  • We invite students to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of class.
  • Students must be able to attend the class independently as parents are not able to stay.
  • Materials may stain or ruin clothing and we do not take responsibility for damage to clothing.
  • Students are offered one make up class per term which must be pre booked to match the missed class. Please contact us to arrange your make-up class.
  • Please click here for other terms and conditions before enrolling your child in our classes.


Melbourne Studio of Art is committed to teaching students not only technique and expression, but also the importance of finishing that which is started. A large part of our educational system focuses on commitment, completion and the rewards that effort and discipline offer; we believe it is healthy for children to learn these lessons in these times of instant gratification and overly appreciated outcomes