At the Melbourne Studio of Art, our teenage art classes prioritise the importance of art history and the exploration of techniques employed by both renowned artists of the past and contemporary artistic figures.

These classes are ideal for students who are serious about developing advanced observational drawing and painting skills across various artistic disciplines, especially those who aspire to pursue a future in the art field.

We welcome students with a genuine passion for refining their artistic abilities and a desire to cultivate disciplined skills. We believe that as students progress and enhance their competency over time, it not only improves their artistic proficiency but also contributes significantly to their sense of confidence and self-worth.

While our classes are primarily designed for students aged 12-16, older students who are interested in learning the fundamentals are also welcome to participate. If you are intrigued by the prospect of these engaging classes and would like to find out which class is right for your teen, feel free to contact our office at (03) 9528 3392 or email us at